Pesach songs

Articles about Passover      (NL) (NL) (hele syllabus) (NL) (EN) (EN)

Fun Video: Who let the jews out?


Echad mi Yodea met Israëlische celebrities

Baroech Haba:  (portugees)

Wehie sje’amda

Ma nisjtana:

Dutch-Jewish Seder songs:

Ha lachma anya (Dutch ashkenazi)
Ha lachma anya (Amsterdam Portuguese)
Vehi She’ameda (Universal Ashkenazi)
The 10 Plagues
Betset Yisrael (Amsterdam Portuguese)
Josef Hashem Alechem
Min Hametsar (Amsterdam Portuguese)
Oddecha (Universal Ashkenazi)
Nishmat (Amsterdam Portuguese)
Adir Bimloecha
Wa’amertèm zewach pesach
Echad mi Yodea (Dutch Ashkenazi)
Chad Gadja (Dutch Ashkenazi)

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