Help us build our own Bendigamos Community Center

Bendigamos has an incredible opportunity to buy our own community building!

Below you can see the pictures of the building we are hoping to buy. It is 310m², has 50m² of backyard with room for a Cabana (Sukkah) and is 3.5 meters high. It will provide us with enough space for a synagogue, two rooms for events and education, 1 or 2 guest rooms, and it already has toilets and even a shower. The location is very central and in the area where most of the Jewish population lives. The whole building will only cost about €440.000, including taxes. In short, this is an incredible opportunity for us.


How do we pay for this? We are looking for gifts, subsidies and we also take loans (and are able to offer a decent interest rate if so desired). Our community cannot just bear the costs for these loans, but this building will give us the opportunity to actually make more money (from renting out the guest rooms for example) and invest this money into further growing our community. This building will be our lifeline and will finally really give us everything we need to REALLY grow our community. Of course we have been doing very well, bringing together 80 people on average per shabbat morning, but we know we can double or triple in size once we have our own building. And you can help us make this happen!

Please help us by donating to our cause. You can do this through our Paypal Link, through becoming a Patron on Patreon, via bank transfer or if you are interested into lending us money, by signing this form.

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration to support our beautiful S&P community. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at . I hope to be able to welcome you into our building soon!

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