Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur 5783/2022

Experience Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur in Amsterdam!

Please note, from Tuesday October 4th 6PM, we cannot respond to e-mails because of Yom Kippur. If you want to come to our services, you are welcome to. If you don’t know the address, please ask someone who knows. Shana tova! Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur at Bendigamos! We are looking forward to very special, accessible and inspiring services with a lot of singing. Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to register for the High Holidays at Bendigamos. Our High Holiday program this year Learn how to follow and sing-along (better) with our services at two free shabbat lunches Like every year, we prepare the High Holidays together with two shabbat lunches where we practice the tunes of the High Holidays together and where we help you to follow our services better. Everyone is welcome to join the shabbat lunch for free, on September 10th and September 24th, from 12.30PM. Morning services and a big picnic We will have services on the first and second morning of Rosh Hashanah from 9.30AM. On both days, there will be a room designated for kids to play. We also organize a big Rosh Hashanah picnic (with Tashlich) on the second day of Rosh Hashanah. There will also be a shofar blowing for everyone who cannot attend the morning service. Last year we had a 130 people at the picnic, it’s a lot of fun, so we hope to see you there. Yom Kippur On Tuesday October 4th we will start the Kal Nidrei service at 6.40PM. On Wednesday October 5, we start at 9.30AM and finish around 8PM with havdalah and breaking the fast together. On Thursday, starting at 11AM, we will have an experienced volunteer present to take care of the kids, play some games with them and serve some drinks, bread and snacks. Costs There will be a lot of singing, we will facilitate a special playing room for the children. Furthermore, we offer a tasty kiddush after the Rosh Hashana services and some food and drinks after Yom Kippur to break the fast. Participation is completely free of charge, but donations are very welcome, especially this year, so we can cover the costs for the prayer books, security, food and rent. Our total costs are about €4500 this month. For everyone who cannot visit our services, we will organize a shofar blowing at our Rosh Hashana picnic and also some Zoom-meetings around the holidays. Covid-related requests We like everyone to feel comfortable and safe in our synagogue. Our services are likely indoors, where we have a ventilation system and will keep one door open. You are welcome to ask for a seat at 1.5m distance from others (or to follow our service from the backyard), and/or to wear a facemask. Please share your requests in the form so we can take this into account. Registration (recommended) and questions Thank you for letting us know you will be attending the service(s) in advance. This enables us to make sure we have enough chairs and books during the service(s), and plenty of food after Yom Kippur. We would like to ask you a few questions to make sure we have enough information to provide this, if you have questions regarding this form or anything else please send an email to .

Application form

    Attendance: Which parts of the service will you be attending*? (multiple answers possible) (Please make sure to write your e-mail address somewhere on this form if you want us to send you the location of the events)
    Monday September 26th 9.30-13.00h - ShacharitTuesday September 27th 9.30-13.00h - ShacharitTuesday September 27th 17.00-19.00 Shofar Picnic at our regular picnic spotTuesday October 4th 18:40-21:15 - Kal NidreWednesday October 5th 09:30-13:30h - Shacharit/TorahWednesday October 5th 13:30-18:30h - Musaf/MinchaWednesday October 5th 18.30-20.05h - Derasha/Nengila/Ngarbit

    Prayer books: Bendigamos has created special prayer books so the service is more accessible for everyone. We made two versions: Hebrew with Dutch translation and phonetic (with Dutch translation in the Yom Kippur version). A prayer book costs €25 for Kipur and €15 for Rosh Hashana and you can order one for yourself! We will have plenty of books available for use during the day, but if you want to take one home afterwards you can buy them here.
    . If you want this, could you let us know how much prayer books you want and which one?

    I would like these order these prayer books for the aformentioned price

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